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I came to Back to Basics with my husband for his maintenance adjustment. Scott started seeing Dr. Stewart for Sciatic back pain that he had been suffering with for quite a spell. After just a few visits he was no longer in pain and was good as new. We were both very happy with the care that he received at Back to Basics.

After my husband's visit, Dr. Stewart asked me if I had any issues that I might like to have looked at, so I unloaded a ton of complaints. I really felt like a hypochondriac with all my aches and pains. Dr. Stewart really understood how I was feeling and assured me she could help. I had surgery for Plantar Fasciitis that didn't work and was still having lots of foot pain. I had issues in my neck that wouldn't allow me to turn it with out pain. I woke up every day with both hands sleeping, and I also put on some weight because I was just plain miserable and lazy and didn't want to do much of anything. After having a few weeks of adjustment I started to feel much better. Dr. Stewart encouraged me to start exercising and do some healthy things for myself. She was and has been a great motivator for me. I believe she went above and beyond the call of duty, and I would not have gotten better care anywhere else.

Now I feel great, my foot, hands, and neck are no longer an issue and I have lost 30 lbs. Thanks to Dr. Stewart.


I first met Dr. Stewart 8 years ago as a result of multiple car accidents and surgeries. I suffered from severe disabling spinal spasms. Prior to Dr. Stewart's first adjustment, I had seen several doctors who were unable to diagnose or treat my condition successfully. Dr. Stewart diagnosed and adjusted my spine and the results were quite remarkable. I have been able to return to work, and live a much better quality of life thanks to her skill and dedication.


I have been seeing Lee Ann Stewart for several years. She helped my back and keeps me going. With chronic back trouble I depend on her. My knee was at the point of surgery. Lee Ann worked on my knee and fixed it. Took away the pain, never did need the surgery. I depend on her expertise to keep me healthy.


My mother-in-law heard Dr. Stewart speak at an AARP meeting and took a 180 degree turn in her opinion of Chiropractic health. Dr. Stewart helped her tremendously so I decided to try it for my Carpal tunnel. I can't list here for lack of space all the benefits my health has received.

My husband was a sceptic but suffering with tendinitis in his elbow brought him in. Low and behold it not only took care of his arm but his knees as well. He had old sports injuries that are now a thing of the past. My 15 year old son had a case of the shingles that disappeared after 3 adjustments. All that's left to say is "Thank You Dr. Stewart Please don't ever leave us."