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I have started this page with a few videos so you may get to know me and what makes me so passionate about what I do. We all know that Chiropractic relieves back pain, helps with the bodies functions and Strengthens the organs and tissues to perform at a higher level of health.

My office is driven with this passion. I strive to be the best at what I do. It allows me to help my patients reach optimal health and function. I strive to treat each patient with respect, honesty and attention. I am highly experienced in severe cases working hard to come up with a solution to what is causing your issues. 

I will take my time with you and listen to you each and every time you come to see me. I will be utilizing the Gonstead technique, which is in my opinion the best back care you can receive. It is this chiropractic work that really has fueled my passions to help people. I will explain this rare work to you on a follow up video. So, watch my videos and get to know what makes me strive to be the best.

Thank You
Dr Stewart



I hope you enjoy my short video. After I had watched other doctors’ videos about chiropractic, most seemed to be educational. To be honest I wanted to talk to you about something that makes me get up every morning and head to my office and do what I do. What I love. My passion about chiropractic and the good stuff you never get to hear about chiropractic.

Yes, we all know (or with a little research) that chiropractic addresses many problems from back pain to numbness in your hands or feet to sciatic pain, headaches, and so on.  But, did you know that it helps to balance your healing ability's. That it strengthens your energy in and around you. That your body has a tone to it and this tone travels through your nerves. And we know when this tone is able to flow it strengthens your whole body and it tells all your systems how to run.

Every cell is made up of millions molecules and every molecule has atoms. And what are atoms? They are energy. So, long story short, chiropractic works all the way down to the cellular level. Strong cells, strong body and a much better ability to heal. O.K. enough said, watch my video and learn about my passion for chiropractic and hopefully you'll enjoy it to. If you have any questions about this topic or a question, feel free to e-mail me.

Dr. Stewart